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The cross is one of the most distinctive Christian symbols. It was the instrument of Christ's death. There are many basic forms of the cross. Several of the most popular are part of the ESG collection. Every Christian home should have at least one cross in a window of their home or at the bed side.

Handmade crosses come ready to display. Colorful glass pieces are individually cut, shaped, copper foiled. Matching chains are included unless otherwise noted.


Corinthian Cross

Available in two sizes (7" and 10" high) in your choice of colors.  Handcrafted glass pieces individually copper foiled. Antique, brass or black  finish with matching chain.






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Maltese Cross

Reminiscent of the Three Musketeers of literature, the Maltese Cross is one of the most enduring symbols of timeless faith. In your choice of colors. Brass, antique or black finish with matching chain.



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Geometric Cross

Make a bold statement with this inspiring design. Finished in brass, black or antique with matching chain. Your choice of colors.




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 Cross Art

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Gothic Cross

Simple but elegant, the Gothic Cross is one of the most cherished symbols of faith

In your choice of colors. Antique finfish with matching chain.




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Byzantine Cross

An enduring emblem for almost 1,000 years, the Byzantine Cross personifies the Christian Roman empire. Antique finish with matching chain. 7" tall.





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Angular Cross

A variation of a centuries-old traditional theme, ESG's Angular Cross is perfect for display at  home or the office.





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Occitan Cross

Commonly known as the cross of the Counts of Toulouse, this variation
of the Occitan Cross

Antique or black finish with
attached glass stand. 12" tall.


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Additional Crosses Available

Want a cross design you don't see here?

Send us a picture or sketch with approximate size and colors.

We'll custom craft it for you.


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