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Celtic Art

Celtic art traces its origin through more than two thousand years of history. The Celts first appeared on the historical stage around 1500 B.C. in what is now southwest Germany. Today, most associate the Celts with the British Isles. Prior to conquer by the Roman Empire a century before the birth of Christ, their culture extended from Spain to Scandinavia and from Asia Minor to Britain and Ireland.

The intricate patterns and bright colors of Celtic art bespeak a people's timeless warmth, love for one another and respect for nature.

Celtic Knot

This work of art is a classic interpretation of the timeless Celtic knot. The one foot in diameter artwork features more than 30 hand-cut and crafted pieces of stained glass. Its many twists and turns render it both complex and calming. Each glass piece is individually copper foiled. Available in blue, yellow, and red color combination to the right, as well as in dark green and gold with a red or burgundy border. Copper, antique, and silver patinas available. Artwork supported by silver or copper link chain (varies with patina.) 14" in diameter.


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Celtic Cross

Glass of beige and blue hues framed in complementary brown with an aura of yellow and red. 13 1/2" in height. 60 hand-cut and shaped, copper foiled pieces. Antique patina with matching chain.



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Celtic Weave

9 1/2" diameter. Available as shown in gold and dark red with a dark green border or in medium blue and gold with a burgundy border. Copper foil construction. Antique patina suspended with a copper link chain.



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